Anatomy of a Girl Gang

“Anatomy of a Girl Gang is triumphant, beautiful, startling, sad and gritty—a powerful feminist coming-of-age novel.”
 — Geist

“Ashley Little’s novel Anatomy of a Girl Gang is so fierce and raw and compelling that you won’t want to put the book down until you know exactly what becomes of the Black Roses … A thrilling and frightening, fast-paced read.”
Vancouver Weekly

“Anatomy of a Girl Gang is a heartbreaking read, a must for high schools across the continent, and just too goddamn real for comfort.”

“Anatomy of a Girl Gang is a daring book. It doesn’t flinch from the glamorous lure of gang life or its devastating effects, and through it all, Little’s gang really owns it: their glories and tragedies are completely their own. In the end, they’re nothing if not real gangsters.”

Georgia Straight

The New Normal (YA)

“This novel is a joy to read from start to finish. Tamar is complex, never boring and remains a charismatic and appealing character at her best and her worst…The New Normal is a powerful story about accepting yourself and your circumstances…[and] keeps just the right balance between tragedy and comedy. Highly Recommended.” (CM Magazine 2013-01-11)

“Tamar Robinson’s heartfelt story is relayed via first-person narration marked by an endearing balance of sarcasm and self-awareness…She is a lovable everygirl readers will want to be friends with. In addition to creating an endearing, believably conflicted protagonist whom it is impossible not to cheer for, Little deftly doles out levity and hardship at just the right times. The novel is mired neither in endless tragedy nor flippant dark humour; it presents a realistic portrayal of a grieving teenage girl…With equal parts humour and humility, Little’s novel reads like an Alberta-set love child of Susan Juby and Sarah Dessen, and that’s not a bad thing at all.” (Quill & Quire 2013-03-01)

“Tamar’s wisecracking first-person voice adeptly conveys the complexity and grit of her emotional life as she learns to stand up for herself. Readers…will be rewarded by the destination.” (Kirkus Reviews 2013-02-15)

PRICK: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist

Prick is a screeching hell ride down damnation alley.” “Like a car wreck to the morbidly inquisitive, or a brilliant dragon tattoo on alabaster flesh, Prick is a beautifully disturbing tale revealing the morally mangled soul of a young man.” (See the full review here)

Toronto Review of Books, December 2011

Little researched for three years, going on countless trips to shops, consulting friends, and taking notes. Prick is fiction, but many of the scenarios and characters seem entirely real and familiar to those who have spent any time on either side of the needle.

—Samantha Paul, Skin & Ink Magazine, December 2011

“The well-drawn dialogue and incredibly insightful descriptions show off an author’s simultaneous sensitivity and objectivity toward her characters.” (Read the full review here)

– Richard Rosenbaum, Broken Pencil, April 2012